AAP’s Bhagwant Mann Jumps On The Bandwagon Alike Peers, Turns To Crowdfunding For Election Campaign

Aam Aadmi Party’s state president from Punjab unit and lawmaker Bhagwant Mann has turned to crowdfund alike peers Atishi Marlena, AAP’s East Delhi parliamentary seat in-charge and Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister of Delhi. He hopes to raise funds for Lok Sabha election campaign and took to social media to make an appeal to the voters to donate the sum so that he could get posters printed and to meet other campaign expenses. Although, his mode of crowdfunding is not exactly the same as Atishi’s and other recent fundraise as he has shared his Paytm and Google Pay details with people and did not go for a crowdfunding platform to help raise the funds.

In his Facebook live session that went on for 11 minutes, Mann said, “ “I need your financial support to run my election campaign, so please contribute one-tenth of your income so that we can fight these parliamentary elections. Please contribute so that good people can fight the elections,”

He further added, “When the money reaches me, I will tell you that it has been deposited in such and such account… and will give you the full account of where the money has been spent.”


Mann asked the crowd to donate one-tenth of their income to the AAP which could be any amount between  Rs. 1 to Rs. 1000. In his live session, Mann did not take a step back from taking a dig at other politicians saying he does not have “black money” like them and need this financial aid to defeat “rich politicians” contesting against him.

Mann said, “When I receive the required money, I will upload another video telling you to stop sending it. I will be happy to contest the election with your money. I do not have any black money like other politicians and need your immediate financial support.”


AAP’s Bhagwant Mann Turns To Crowdfunding For Election Campaign – NDTV

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