Crowdfunding Campaign Of A Medicinal Cannabis Company In New Zealand Reaches $820K

The legalization of marijuana is a highly debatable topic across the world. In case of India, if you are unaware about the “The Ban Of 1985 And The Whole Conspiracy Around It” read the preceding write-up. Well, we shall get back to the territory, i.e New Zealand, where a medicinal cannabis company’s crowdfunding campaign has reached $820K. It has been 165 per cent overfunded of the minimum target($500k) it went for and is lagging behind by $1180k from its maximum target($2000000) that it hopes to achieve by Feb 1.

Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Ltd is a therapeutics company established to support the emerging medicinal cannabis industry within New Zealand. It recently launched a billboard campaign to encourage people to invest cash with a fledgling medicinal cannabis company in Taranaki, New Zealand’s North Island. The move was made keeping in mind that only a few days were remaining in the campaign and this could accelerate funding. Also, in hope of a bigger impact, billboards have been erected in Hamilton, Tauranga, Auckland and Christchurch as well.

Greenfern seems like having the first-mover advantage and a lot of credit goes to New Zealand’s government that recently passed laws regarding making medical marijuana widely available in the country.

David Clarke, the health minister, backed the law saying that thousands of New Zealanders were living with chronic and end-of-life pain and the evidence that marijuana could safely help ease their suffering was sound.

As per the company director Dan Casey the increased public profile paid off as the website was receiving ongoing inquiries and in the past week about $40,000 had been invested, on average, each day.

Casey added, “While the company had a large social media following, it also had to find different ways to promote the venture to the general public. It all helps getting the word out there.”


These are the questions that could probably start bouncing in one’s mind after reading  and hearing over crowdfunding, marijuana and it’s medicinal usage legalisation.

1. Is crowdfunding actually a feasible and not a facade?

2. Should consumption of marijuana be legalized in India as well for medicinal purposes?

3. If you were a businessman would you hesitate before investing in such a market that is showing huge potential?

Let us know your views in the comment section. You could be the voice of change.


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