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Right Talent Hiring is the most crucial dynamic of execution as far as aligning the future of the company to its set goals is targeted. And when we are talking about the newbies in the fraternity, it comes out an even more challenging process. With the country boasting of 1.5 million engineers passing every year and over 80 % of the graduates being unemployable (Source: The Hindu), finding the right match for the right job is a daunting task. The Startups are fast growing and technologically tuned entities, so it becomes paramount to find the right human talent that can keep the edge with the pace of the systems. Of the many challenges that the new ventures face with talent hiring, the most important one is finding the resource that can contribute to create a differentiation for the company in the long run and not just with the skill that he is hired for. Attrition is a leeching issue and can prove to be catastrophic for the almost indispensable workforce and dynamic environment that the companies operate in. When hiring for a startup, these points can be key go-to thoughts:

  • Hiring for the Attitude towards Aptitude and not just Skill: As Startups are aimed at creating niche aggregators in the new wave economy, it is crucial that the minds aimed at achieving it should have the right focus and attitude to innovate. Today’s youth lack this crucial side and hence finding such linchpins in the system should be a responsibility together shouldered by the HR and the Team Leads. Right and suitable talent need to be nurtured and given large scope of relevant work. This not only bring out a sense of responsibility with authority amongst the employees, but they truly expand their boundaries to innovate. There needs a strong attachment and connect to the vision and mission of the company’s goal that need to be conveyed to the candidate right at the final selection stage.


  • Social Media Attraction: Social Media is the latest dotcom burst and is being largely used these days for talent hiring. But lot of profiles are factious and many other carry false information. So while it is good to make social media checks and headhunts, but relying totally on it could be a mistake. I still remember one incident wherein the requirement was to fulfil a sales position and the requisite was for someone presentable with good communication skills. Later when a candidate was called tapped through one of the social sites, the truth came out to be totally different from what the skills were quoted. Hence, as recruiters one should verify all possible information before investing in an individual and not fall prey to the fanciful information shared with no authentication.


  • Communicating Properly Defined KRA’s: Most of the hires fail to deliver at times because of the difference between the deliverables and expectations. This happens mostly coz of the lack of clarity about what is expected to be delivered. So the tech leads should create such defined KRA’s as per deliverables for different profiles and share it with the HR for evaluating candidate on the same while recruiting. This make the hiring more efficient and effective and the candidates also come well prepared with their performance goals.


  • Strong Employee Referral Program: An effective employee referral program is the strongest approach for Startup talent acquisition. The existing employees are the best brand ambassador and promoters of your company’s image and hence can efficaciously contribute in good talent hiring. A good referral system can encourage employees to network with their peers in the industry and help them getting hired. A good employee knows both the system and the recommendation they are making. So, he/she can be utilized as a good source to hire the best they could have been in network with.

Head hunting for startups is more experiential and is largely a complete talent acquisition strategy rather than mere recruiting and filling a position. This requires involvement of not Just the HR who holds the prime onus for this, but also all the strategic stakeholders at the same time. An effective hiring can be achieved only when all these stakeholders make a collective effort to create a flawless system of integrated synergies.

Happy Hiring!!

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