The Sheer Beauty Of Crowdfunding

At some point in your life, you would or you might have thought about “What would I do if money wasn’t an issue?” Didn’t you? That is one pretty important question to ask yourself time and again. Now, this question doesn’t imply that you drop everything in the middle and take uninformed decisions. The question serves the purpose of helping you find out your calling in life. As I have said before, crowdfunding can save you from some of your biggest fears and regrets in life. It is a tool you must put to use. You do not have the money but you know that your idea has the potential to make it big, then crowdfund. It is as simple as that. Don’t let money and people stop you from achieving your goals instead change your perspective on how you approach things and issues in life. The same crowd and the lack of money that was hindering your way to success can also help you achieve your goals. That is some beauty, ain’t it? The beauty of the crowd and crowdfunding.

Now, if you are thinking if your idea, initiative or whatever you have in mind is not something that the crowd will be interested in supporting, let me clear your doubts. You just need to look out for the multiple solutions possible. Figure out the ways how other people approached the same issues you are facing now. You will become an alchemist, my friend. You will create magic.

Be it politics, healthcare, real estate, women entrepreneur oriented crowdfunding, crowdfunding startups, fintech, technology, legal, rescue and causes, innovation, some crazy Innovation, gadgets, brewery, education and whatnot, crowdfunding is the key. Stop hesitating, start crowdfunding.

Here is an infographic tracking the scope of crowdfunding in different domains.


Equity and debt investment crowdfunding is another gem adding to the beauty of crowdfunding. You can learn more about it in the preceding hyperlink.  

The beauty of crowdfunding is in its omnipresence, be it crowdfunding for education, legal, startup, healthcare, gaming or political.

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TV Shows And Art Projects

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know what do you think of the scenario of crowdfunding in India. Criticise it, or ask questions if you think I can answer them. Let’s have some conversation. Over to you.

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